Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Evelyn's Birth Story

We bought our first home and moved in a month and a half before Evelyn's due date, so I was not eager for the baby to come early. I was so worried the baby would come before I had the house in order so I was extremely one-track-minded in full nesting mode trying to get everything unpacked and organized in the house. Once I finally got it *finished* enough, I checked out of that and started getting ready for the baby :)

We had some really nice evenings together in our last few weeks as a family of three - a movie night in our garage with the wood burning fire going, nice little family dinners and relaxing evenings, and lots of special moments with Rose and I. I was soaking in the last bit of one on one time with Rose and was all positive, thinking, "I'm in no rush, the baby can come whenever," thinking I was so much more patient this time around (haha...).

Saturday, August 4, 2018

New Baby On the Way!

I am so excited that we are welcoming baby number two into our family!!! Due November 7th (my parents anniversary), and I'm currently 26 weeks.

I was trying not to get my hopes up that we were pregnant that particular month (it had only been a couple months after the miscarriage but I was really excited to get pregnant again), but Matt insisted I pick up a pregnancy test and try it even though it was a little early to. I peed on the stick and left it in the bathroom and as per our strange tradition Matt went and looked at it first. He came into our room and said, "You're pregnant Alicia," with a smile.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Starting an Online Clothing Boutique: IVY + JUNE


I'm starting an online clothing boutique this January called Ivy + June!

What I'm selling:

Dresses and tops.

I'll be selling clothes that are feminine, flattering, and pretty. They'll also be practical and comfortable, clothes you can actually go about your life in that aren't fussy or complicated - I like clothes that are simple and also make you feel pretty. It's not going to be about brand names or being fashion forward, but being stylish in a simple and sophisticated way.

Friday, December 1, 2017

"We shall find our little ones up above" - St. Zelie

I am definitely a person who finds a lot of peace and closure through sharing about and talking through things, more so than working through them on my own (for example, if I'm feeling sick, Matt knows every symptom...). Sometimes that is with my family or my closest friends, and sometimes it is with anyone who is interested and asks.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5 Simple Living Podcasts for Moms Who Want to Live With More Purpose, Intention + Joy

I love to listen to podcasts that inspire and educate me in areas I am trying to work on. One goal of mine is to live more out of intention and less out of habit. To be more purposeful about what I bring into my home, what I do with my days, the kind of mom I am for Rose, how I go about my relationships, how I work on my prayer life and faith, and all other areas of my life. To simplify my life, essentially. I find podcasts to be a great way for me to stay focused on these goals, to get inspiration and learn things that help me on this path.

Here are 5 podcasts that I think would be great for any mom to listen to who wants to live with more joy, intention, and purpose in their home and motherhood.